Sikma D – The strong Partner for Farming and Animal Feed Industry

Since 2009 we produce and distribute Specialty Agriculture Products.

What started as consultancy and distribution of products for the large agriculture industry, has evolved into also including the Pet food and private farming businesses.
The compound feed industry, the commercial farming as well as hobby animal keeping are benefitting from our constant search for and development of new products. We offer a wide range of high quality products and feedstock agriculture products.

It is our goal that our products contribute to a better health and productivity of the animal.

When seeking an unconventional solution for your agricultural problem, contact us.

Your Partner in the Agricultural Sector

Benefit from our long term experience and a professional and reliable operation.

More than 30 years professional experience in the agriculture sector. Activities in different European countries enable us to provide a large product offer- and service and to profit from the international contacts. 

Our business focus is on animal feed and farming.

Sikma D is the ideal partner for the mixed animal feed, commercial farming as well for the passionate hobby animal keeping.


A summary of our advantages

  • Special raw materials for the mixed animal feed industry
  • Special knowledge on using side products from the food industry for animal feed
  • Parasite management - eg. for poultry
  • Pet-/Horse care products


You are interested ?

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