Useful nutrition additives for cattle/ dairy cattle

Nutex sweet

Improve the supply with nxP, energy and sugar, as well Omega 3 fatty acids.

More nxP through the new form of protein protection.

Protected fat in better fatty acid composition.

More non-saturated fatty acids than saturated fatty acids in milk. This is a consumer desire.

Nutex Sweet 69 increases the supply of glucose in blood through a new patented process.

The special extrusion process is very cost efficient.


More energy in the feed ratio :

  • More protein in the intestine – improves the fat/protein relationship in the milk
  • Reduces the saturated fatty acids in the milk and enhances the non-saturated fatty acids
  • Improved the Omega 3 supply
  • The extra energy works non-acidotic, because fat cannot be fermented
  • The supplied sugar immediately goes into the blood and works like propandiol 


Advantages for the farmer :

  1. Nutex Sweet is low priced, and can compete with protected fat
  2. The amounts of fat and protein are improved with first calving and second calving cows
  3. The persistence of the cows gets improved
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids have a positive influence on the health
  5. The used sugar has a liver protection effect
  6. Outstanding applicable in a TMR ratio

Comparable feedings in France and Belgium reported an average increasing yield of 0,5 €/per animal/per day in the first 105 days of lactation 

Recommended usage is 1,5 kg animal/day



Nutex Sweet extruded flax seed with special action


14 % Omega 3 fatty acids.

Through a new process a better protein protection prevents acidose. Very rich in energy.

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Economic Consideration :

Cost calculation of Nutex Sweet versus other protected fat ?

Nutex Sweet has a crude fat content of 27 %, and costs ca 52 ct/kg. This means, it contains 24 % more fat as a normal compound feed

A compound feed with energy level 3 costs 23 €/100 kg

Protected fat costs 125 €/100 kg

1,5 kg Nutex Sweet equals :

ca.1,14 kg compound feed E level 3 =26,3 ct

(1,5*,24Kg) ca 0,36 kg protected fat =45 ct

Comparative cost = 71,3 ct

1,5 kg Nutex Sweet costs ca = 78 ct

(example made with optimal amount Nutex Sweet, when compared to 500 grams of protected fat than the amount of Nutex Sweet has to be accordingly reduced)

More advantages are : 

  • More nxP
  • Liver protection effect through special sugar
  • Omega 3 fatty acids for a better fertility
  • Non-saturated fatty acids instead of saturated fatty acids
  • Outstanding feed uptake

(Because of the often too high set energy level of protected fats the energy level of protected fats from seeds of linseed– and Raps are put at the same level)

Nutex Compact linseedextrudate

Nutex Compact linseedextrudate

is an energy rich feed additive for your milk cows on basis of extruded linseed

Area of application : 

- Milk cows

- Fattening cows

- Young calves

- Horses



Data Sheet Nutex Compact linseedextrudate
with 60%
linseedextrudate 12 % Omega 3 Fatty acids
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Nutex 68 (bevore Sirelin)

The linseedextrudate with 68 % linseed and 14 % Omega 3 fatty acids.

Increases the energy intake of the milk cow.
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