Our special product program for pigeons

Stable- and special Drinking Water disinfection with Virkon S

An overview of the advantage of Virkon S

  • Impactfull treatment against viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Proven activity against a broad spectrum pathogenic germs within max 10 minutes
  • Virkon S is also usable in an economic and active way at low temperatures
  • Virkon S has a proven activity against salmonella, campylobacter, and other for the food area relevant bacteria (see below)
  • Proven activity against influenza viruses such as H5N1 and H1N1


Virkon S is being used successfully in the stable- and area disinfection. Its excellent properties as disinfectant together with the cleaning effect convince a lot of the animal keepers.

Virkon S should not be missed in responsible poultry keeper, because a regular stable- and area disinfection prevents serious illnesses.

Illness creating bacteria, fungi and viruses are being reliably killed.

With a usage of only 1 % in a water solution is not only effective but also cost efficient.

Through a constant drinking water disinfection with Virkon S the bacteria, fungi and viruses in the drinking basin and the pipings are being killed. This prevents illness creation through these germs and surely ensures a healthy poultry holding as well a vital breeding. Especially young animals with a low developed immune system profit in unexpected way from the water disinfection with Virkon S.

Virkon S is here especially economic usable : only 1 grams of Virkon S per liter of water is needed !

For pigeon keepers Virkon S as drinking water disinfection works preventive against the young pigeon illness. So the level of young animal losses in spring can be significantly reduced.

Virkon S for example can effectively kill the following illness creating bacteria, viruses and fungi : 

  • Camphylobacter
  • E.Coli
  • Salmonella (Salmonellose/Parathyphus)
  • Bird Influenza bacteria
  • Young pigeon illness creator (Herpes- and circo viruses)
    • Streptococcus
    • Aspergillus
    • Staphylococcus aureus

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Use biocide safe. Prior to use always read the label and the product information


Fighting ectoparasites e.g. bird mites and lices

Special for the needs of the pigeon holders and their animals we developed a product program, which addresses the fighting of bird mites as well stable and drinking water disinfection.

From all contacts to pigeon holders as well breeders we learned that the fighting of ectoparasites are top themes in the discussions.

Here we present you some products that address these themes, and since market introduction (started early 2010) they create more and more positive reactions

  •  HS Miteless: Until now the usage of octanoic and decanoic acid against mites was rather unknown. We have developed a new product, wherefore we filed a legal protection at the patent office. HS Miteless works quickly and kills through contact the mites and also their eggs. It is a biocide product, HS Miteless is registered at BAUA and has a biocide allowance for Germany and Austria. Read more about Miteless …  
  • Mitecto : with Mitecto fluid colloid silica has been used. This product works physical against mites, not chemical or biological. A very low concentration of Mitecto has to be used at each application. However one has to repeat this treatment more often. Read more about Mitecto …
  • Mikrogur 5 instant is a very interesting solution for the commercial poultry keeping. It is the first diatomaceous earth which is hydrophilic meaning can be mixed with water. Multiple conversations with poultry holders directed us to seek for new possibilities. Especially important was the low particle size and a very good mixing property with water. Microgur 5 is very cost efficient product especially also for the commercial poultry (but also for the private bird keeping). The farmers and employees will be very pleased to switch from the former ordinary dusty product to Mikrogur 5 instant. Mikrogur 5 does not work chemical or biological, but purely physical and is therefore not a biocid. Read more about Mikrogur 5 …