Feed additive for pigs

In the following sites you will find different high quality feed additives for pigs

Our feed products have in different ways a proven positive influence on the animal health and as such the productivity.

TOP Theme : Reduction of antibiotics through the usage of medium chain fatty acids in the pig feeding. The application of antibiotics in the feeding of pigs and poultry represents and increasing prob

Consumers are confused and afraid, wishing non-polluted animal products.

Most important starting point for the reduction of antibiotics is a good animal management. Also in animal food there are possibilities, which are not yet fully explored.

We have been extensively working to find adequate alternatives to include preventive ingredients in the animal food. We consider the usage of MCFA (middle chain fatty acids) and its derivatives as one of the most meaningful alternatives.

One can reach a lot with low financial effort. The MCFA and its combinations are being used at much lower levels than the low chain fatty acids.

In the meantime there are a lot of research results about the effect of low levels of fatty acids and its derivates – mainly work by US researcher Jon Kabara.


We offer 2 products on the base of medium chained fatty acids (MCFA) : 

  1.  Daafit Plus to mix in the animal feed at ca 1-2 kg/ton
  2.  Daafit Aqua is added at 1 kg/ton in the drinking water. This is a very flexible usable product.