Daafit Aqua

Reduction of antibiotics – decrease of risk of infections through the usage of medium chain fatty acids in the drinking water

Through adding Daafit Aqua in the drinking water you will reduce the risk of infections from pathogenic germs. Minimize the usage of antibiotics in your population through usage of Daafit Aqua in the drinking water !

Reduce the risk of infections and strengthen the vitality of your animal population

Daafit Aqua:

  • Can reduce the usage of antibiotics
  • stop the growth of yeasts and bacteria in the water piping
  • Reduce the infection risk
  • Strengthen the resistance capacity of your animals

Daafit Aqua contains organic acids and minerals which already start functioning in the drinking water. These organic acids have a strong hampering action against a multitude of disease creating germs. Daafit Aqua increases the safety of your drinking water through the reduction of the pathogenic germs.

Drinking water is an essential part of the feeding in animal farming. Often the drinking water is contaminated by a large amount of germs which can be harmful to the health of your animals.

Everywhere where a group of animals are kept and using the same drinking water supply, bacterial and viral infections can be transmitted from animal to animal. Already in the inner sides of the drinking water pipes a biofilm gets created, providing the ideal growth medium for pathogenic germs.

The organic acids prevent already in the water tubes the growth of illness germs.

Next to improving the water quality these organic acids have a positive effect for the animal. Daafit Aqua can improve the resistance capability of each animal.