- the combined immediate and long term solution for bird mites attack

Especially for application with pigeons and aviary birds, pigeonries or cages

Immediately now you can get this new HS DUO Protect Bird product against bird mites attack.

Especially pigeons- and hobby bird keepers can build trust on this new active product from the HS house – something working immediately and longer term against bird mites.


  • Frees quickly and reliable
  • Simple application
  • Special for application in pigeonries, aviaries and cages
  • Double protection : combined immediate and longer term activity
  • Suitable for application in the stable and on the animal


Our HS DUO Protect BIRD is also delivered in a 1 Liter spray flask and is as such immediately ready for use in smaller rooms.

We offer pigeon- and hobby bird keepers now the possibility pigeonries, aviaries and cages can be treated with HS DUO Protect BIRD when you experience an acute infestation of mites. Doing this will also provide a longer term protection.

The combination of different natural ingredients decreases reliably the attack of mites. There is no risk for human or the animal. The application is simple and comfortable. The supplied spray flask is further filled with water to make the active powder ready for use. Than one can spray. All hidden corners where mites can hide are getting sprayed – ready !