HS Mikrogur

... the long-term solution against red mites

Mikrogur 5 instant

Fine grounded amorphous and hydrophilic diatomaeous earth – 5 µm particle size

Mikrogur 5 can be used at 10 wt % suspension in water.

Mikrogur 5 works against the mites (red and Nordic bird mite) via a biophysical mechanism. When in contact with the mites Mikrogur 5 injures the external skeleton (wax skin and chitin shield), and through this the parasites will dry out. Mites will accordingly try to avoid this area.

Area of usage : Mikrogur 5 can be used in an occupied barn. Because its working process is purely of biophysical nature, no resistance can be created against this product. It is highly recommended to remove the eggs in an occupied barn prior to the product usage. Otherwise a film will be formed on the eggs, although this can be wished off.

The special advantage of the product is that it can be dissolved in water. This way disturbing dust can be avoided and commercial barns can also be ventilated at high temperatures. Your employees will thank you for this.

In smaller rooms you can also apply Mikrogur 5 in a dry form.

Dosing : dissolve 10 kg Mikropur 5 in 100 liter water. About 4-10 grams Mikropur 5 per m² should be applied. Ratio 1:10 at smaller quantities !

Active Ingredients : 98 % fossil sweet water algae (diatomite)

Important indication : when applying the dry Mikrogur 5 always wear respirators with particle filter. When contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with water.

Supply form : 20 kg, 10 kg, 1 kg

We recommend to add some dishwashing liquid when using liquid Mikrogur 5. This will significantly reduce the surface tension of the suspension and leads to a better film formation over scratches and gaps.

Mikrogur 5 is not a biocide, as it does not work chemical nor biological !