HS Miteless

... the fast solution against mites infestation

Application and Safety precautions:

Spraying of a 2,5 % solution. Stir very well. Application should happen at sunset timing. Spray the solution with light pressure on the contaminated surface respectively the equipment (do not spray on the animals) so that enough liquid will reach the organic dirt and the parasites. Cleaning of the stable should happen in a systemic way so that it can be ensured that the fluid is reaching all the gaps and cracks and as such a good activity can be reached.

Miteless liquid can be used as contact solution. For an optimal fight against mites, the solution needs to reach the mites. For this remove dirt and dust, as these could reduce the activity of the Miteless liquid.

Apply only with safety gloves, safety goggles and suitable working clothing. When applying in closed rooms it is recommended to wear a masque..

Application in occupied barn

It is important to mainly spray “hidden” area eg. the area of the nest, beneath the trough, cracks and gaps in the masonry, cracks and joints in the equipment, isolation material in the walls.

Mites are active during the night, as such a treatment with Miteless at sunset time is best. During the daytime the bird mites are rarely to be found on the animals.

At a strong infestation of mites a renewed treatment with Miteless after about 7 days is necessary. Miteless can only work when direct contact with the parasite, therefore it is important that all hidden places are getting enough fluid.

Storage, application and transport can only happen with appropriate working clothes.

Brown eggs in contact with the spray solution can get a white covering, which can be wished off. Eggs that come in contact with the Miteless product can get a certain smell during about 2 days. This smell with disappear and is not harmful. Octanoic - and decanoic acid are ingredients of palm- and coconut oil.


Ingredients : Potassium and sodium soaps of Octanoic – and decanoic acid.


R36 can irritate the skin and eyes

S2: avoid getting it in hands of children

S26: when touching the eyes clean thoroughly with water and consult a doctor

S28: when touching the skin wash off immediately with water and soap


Biocide use in a safe way. Prior to use always carefully read the marking and product information.


Miteless is under Nr. N-41829 according EU-biocide directive

BAUA registered.