HS Protect BIRD

...against ecto parasites attack directly on the animal

HS Protect BIRD is a registered product BAUA N-46494 according the biocide registration and can be distributed. The active ingredients from HS Protect are approved. A very comparable composition to HS Protect is also used in the biological agriculture and is used there very successfully against the red mite.

The active ingredients of HS Protect (Octanoic and decanoic acid) are being used in cosmetics and food industry and are according the American Food and Drug Association FDA as GRAS – meaning generally safe.

All advantages in an overview : 

  • With HS Protect you fight against lice, flea, mites, ticks etx.
  • The digestive system of the animal is not disturbed
  • Contains NO oil of Neem (Margosa or Azadirachtin) ! (especially important for cats)
  • One can easily treat with the simple bottle dosing tip
  • Is also suited for young animals
  • The vermin cannot become resistant
  • HS Protect can be used for all animals and pets

Application :

Pour a few drops of HS Protect on the skin of the animal (not on the hairs). With dogs push the hair in opposite direction somewhat away and pour about every 5-10 cm a drop of the HS Protect.

With birds and chicken pour some drops under the feathers. Especially check the area of the waste water (often one can find parasites here)

Because the vermin are not always remains on the skin of the animal, one also have to apply some of the HS Protect on the sleeping area of the animal, this means use a room spraying in the nest area. Therefore we recommend to use HS Protect Envi. This product with comparable active ingredients can be used for the nest and/or other sleeping area of the animal.

In very rare occasions an allergic reaction can happen with the animal.

As HS Protect Bird is a biocide we have to label the following :

Use biocide safe. Before use always read the label and product information