Colloidal silica … as prevention against poultry mites attack

Mitecto works purely physically – it destroys the skin of the mites. Through this the mites will dry out. The liquid colloidal silica solution dries and leaves behind very small sharp silica particles.

The liquid Mitecto can better than dry products penetrate gaps and cracks in the barn. Mitecto is an excellent preventive product eg. treatment of perches.

Mitecto has a further advantage versus dry silica and diatomaeous earth : the solution sticks very sell and can not be distributed in the environment – so a much lower burden for the people. It certainly is good to also spray the stander in the barn, as this is the access of the mites to the poultry. It takes a few days before one can see any action of the product, however the mites attack will decrease significantly.

Mitecto can be applied with the bag sprayer, and so one can reach almost all of the corners, cracks and gaps in the barn.

Mitecto is a further development from the traditionally used powder silica. It is without dust, and has a good activity. No problems with variation of particle size.

Some of the powder silica have only a limited activity because of their particle size.

Contact with Mitecto does not harm the chicken.

There are no problems with resistances and residues in the eggs.

It is recommended to repeat the spraying with Mitecto after 7 days and eventually repeat it on a monthly basis.

Mitecto is not a biocide, as it works physically.

Application volumes 

Mixing ratrio :

Grams Mitecto                       Kg Water                   m² treated area

1000                                       50                               250

200                                         10                               50

100                                         5                                 25

20                                           1                                 5



Spray ca 100 grams of ready solution on 1 m² area. 

The chicken nests can be sprayed wet.

Mix Mitecto in water and stir well. 

Apply with the knapsack sprayer or HD sprayer. Especially spray well on the hidden places where mites can be.

After use clean well the sprayer. Silica can dry in the spray equipment and become hard as glass.