Virkon S : Area- and Drinking water disinfection

… highest results for a multitude of applications

We present you one of the best working disinfection products globally :

Virkon S can be used for area disinfection as well for drinking water disinfection

Virkon S can be used for a multitude of applications and works against a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.

This combination of usage allowances is very rare in Germany : 

Virkon S has in Germany a BAUA allowance for drinking water, N-42445 and veterinary disinfection N-23861. 

Virkon S is a product with the lowest class of danger.

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In commercial poultry as well in the hobby bird keeping Virkon S is the right drink- and area disinfectant. It removes reliably and quickly the pathogenic germs eg. E.Coli, salmonella, bird influenza etc… 

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Virkon S offers pig farmers an efficient possibility for area- and drinking water disinfection. Virkon S is effective against a wide spectrum of pathogenic germs eg. salmonella, E.Coli etc.. The high effectiveness of Virkon S in combination with its economic and cost effective application are convincing.

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Virkon S is been used successfully in pets against disinfection of life threatening illness sources like parvovirus, herpes virus, cats disease etc.

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Where many horses are together there is a higher risk for catching diseases. Virkon S enables horse keepers to run a designed disinfection management to minimize the risk of infections.

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