Virkon S in Poultry

Convincing working against a multitude of disease causing terms

Virkon S should not be missed in responsible poultry keepers, because a frequent disinfection of stable, area and drinking water can prevent serious illnesses.

Virkon S works reliably and fast against illness creating bacteria, viruses and fungi in the stable and in the drinking water :

  • E.-Coli Bacteria
  • Campylobacter
  • Salmonella
  • Bird influenza virus
  • Newcastle disease virus (atypical poultry pest)
  • Young pigeon illness virus
  • Streptococcus
  • Aspergillus


Surface - and drinking water disinfection with Virkon S

Virkon S is the ideal product, as next to the disinfection properties it also provides a cleaning effect. A solution of only 0,1 % in water is not only effective but also very cost effective.


Virkon S works is a reliable drinking water disinfectant against bacteria, fungi and viruses in the drinking trough and in the tubes. Usage of Virkon S prevents against disease from these germs and ensures a healthy poultry flock as well as vital progeny. Especially young animals with a low developed immune system profit extremely from this drinking water disinfection. For the usage of Virkon S as drinking water disinfectant you only need 1 gram per liter water. 

Importantly for pigeon keepers Virkon S drinking water disinfection for prevention of the young pigeon disease syndrome has to be mentioned. That way the loss of young animals in Spring can be reduced significantly.

Application of the Virkon S solution can be done with a high pressure cleaner, but also manually with a spray flask, sponge or other.


Application amount : 

Surface disinfection 1 % solution in water

Drinking water disinfection 0,1 % solution in water